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08.03.13 High court blasts turbines: Country Life more

08.03.13 Conservationists win landmark High Court victory against wind farm Conservationists today won a landmark High Court battle against plans for a giant wind farm that would have blighted one of the most important surviving Elizabethan gardens in England.: Telegraph more

20.02.13 Heritage sites of “historical, architectural, cultural and religious" significance are under threat from wind farms, English Heritage and National Trust have warned on the first day of a landmark legal case. The way the inspector had worded his decision was "genuinely mysterious and wholly inadequate" : Telegraph more

18.02.13 Landmark High Court bid to protect history from wind farms : Telegraph more

08.09.12 Are wind farms saving or killing us? A provocative investigation claims thousands of people are falling sick because they live near them : Mail more

06.09.12 Writer, journalist and broadcaster James Delingpole announces that he will stand in the Corby & East Northants by-election, as an anti-wind farm candidate. more

22.08.12 Wind farm developers using 'tricks' to make turbines look smaller: Telegraph more

31.05.12 The wind farm rebellion blows across Britain as campaigners take heart from village's victory: Mail more

29.05.12 Ruling on wind farm says the countryside is as important as climate change targets: Telegraph more

08.05.12 Barnwell Manor: The District Council strikes back!: Roger Helmer MEP more

07.05.12 An ill wind blows in Northamptonshire. Northamptonshire’s uncrowded and gentle landscape is in danger of becoming the wind farm capital of England : Telegraph more

30.04.12 Wind farms in the wrong places are turning the public against fighting climate change says Bill Bryson, President of the Campaign to Protect Rural England : Telegraph more

30.04.12 The public has bought the myths of the vast wind energy industry : Independent more

24.04.12 The National Trust and English Heritage are taking action against a wind farm : Telegraph more

24.04.12 Duke hits wind turbine woe: Evening Standard more

30.03.12 Wind farms:We are baffled that a prince of the realm would ruin our land Following the Duke of Gloucester’s plans to build a wind farm on his estate, his MP, Louise Mensch, writes an open letter. more

21.03.12 Memo to the Duke of Gloucester: royals are supposed to cherish their country, not destroy it : Telegraph more

19.03.12 English Heritage is on a collision course with its former deputy chairman, the Duke of Gloucester, over plans to build wind turbines on his estate: Evening Standard more

19.03.12 Broken down and rusting, is this the future of Britain's 'wind rush'?: Mail more

14.03.12 Is nowhere safe from windfarms?: Campaign to Protect Rural England, more here and here

14.03.12 Wind farm to be built near a Northamptonshire heritage site: BBC more

14.03.12 Wind turbine decision criticised: Press Association more

14.03.12 Wind farm to be built on National Trust site that is 'finest example of Elizabethan garden': Mail more

14.03.12 Heritage in danger from wind farms warns National Trust: Telegraph more

14.03.12 Lyveden New Bield wind turbine decision disappoints: Spears more

13.03.12 Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. Roger Helmer more

08.03.12 Ed Davey admits 2020 targets essentially already met: Express more

07.03.12 £120 Billion Blunder: Wind Energy 'Ten Times Dearer Than Gas Power Stations' read more here

03.03.12 The winds of change: The government has finally seen through the wind-farm scam. read more here

24.02.12 Rising Energy Prices Endanger German Industry read more here

08.02.12 'I Feel Duped on Climate Change' says Fritz Vahrenholt, one of the fathers of German environmentalism read more here

07.02.12 Energy policy based on renewables will win hearts but won't protect their owners from frostbite and death due to exposure. read more here

04.02.12 101 Tories revolt over wind farms. read more here

20.01.12 Is Northants The Wind Farm Capital Of England? read more here

06.01.12 Wrecked by gales again as windfarms get £300,000 to switch high winds read more here

11.12.11 Over-reliance on wind farms 'will lead to power cuts'.
A report by the Adam Smith Institute and the Scientific Alliance says that wind farms cannot meet the need for energy, leading to "a crisis by the middle of this decade". read more here

10.12.11 Duke of Gloucester criticised over wind farm plan read more here

07.12.11 Dukes blow hot and cold over wind power read more here

06.12.11 Desecration: How our magnificent historical homes are threatened by the mad march of the turbines read more here

19.11.11 Wind farms are useless, says Duke read more here

19.11.11Switch-off for noisy wind farms read more here

08.11.11The KPMG report previewed in the Sunday Times, is now available to download here

06.11.11 Ditching expensive wind farms ‘will save £34bn’. A new study by KPMG, commissioned by the government, says Britain can hit its carbon targets more cheaply by scrapping wind energy for nuclear and gas-fired power plants read more

"Relations between Prince Charles and his cousin the Duke of Gloucester remain in disarray" more here (second item on page) and here

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Wind farms produce 'fifth of expected electricity' more
                                                                       National Wind Watch European Platform Against Windfarms The Global Warming Policy Foundation

29.03.14 Important Announcement

Following both the High Court, and then the Court of Appeal decision, West Coast Energy has decided not to continue the fight. This means that the battle is now over.

I wish to thank East Northants District Council, the elected members, the National Trust, and English Heritage for continuing the fight through first the High Court, and then the Court of Appeal after we were unable to raise sufficient funds ourselves. It was a brave decision and should be recognised as such.

Also I would like to thanks all those that helped by;

making people aware of what was happening by knocking on doors

distributing leaflets

putting up posters

printing leaflets

fund raising, or donating funds

lobbying, writing letters

doing surveys on public rights of way etc

attending the public inquiry

helping with flying the blimp as well as a 101 other activities.

Your help was greatly appreciated as well as being absolutely necessary.

Finally I would like to dedicate this victory to the memory of Sharon Corbin who was my inspiration for fighting this battle. May she rest in peace.

Peter Stephens, chair; Stop Barnwell Manor Wind Farm.

18.02.14 Barnwell Manor Wind Energy's appeal to the Court of Appeal against last year's
High Court judgment has been dismissed The Judgement can be seen here.
Statement from The National Trust (includes statements from Simon Thurley of English Heritage
and Councillor Sylvia Hughes)

08.03.13 Barnwell Manor Wind Energy Ltd fail to defend planning inspector Paul Griffiths' decision to allow 4 x 415ft
wind turbines to be constructed on land owned by former deputy Chairman of English Heritage the Duke of Gloucester,
just a mile from Grade 1 listed Lyveden New Bield. Here is the Approved Judgment and Griffiths' quashed decision letter
Statements from East Northants Council, English Heritage and The National Trust

AMAZING virtual tour of the Lyveden site here.
Visitor information here here

more photographs of the blimp, taken on the 1st and 2nd of October 2011

The Public Inquiry concluded on Tuesday 20th December. We would like to thank everyone who has attended the Inquiry. The excellent attendance has been a clear demonstration of the strength of the opposition to this planning application. On Thursday 8th December, the Inspector made his accompanied visit to the area and visited Lyveden New Bield, Fermyn Woods Country Park, Brigstock, and Drayton Park. Although we were supposed to fly the blimp, the atrocious conditions made this impossible. The Inspector plans to make an unaccompanied on or around the 10th of January. The Inspectors decision will be announced on or before the 16th of March.
Mark Bradshaw (National Trust) Cllr Sylvia Hughes (Ward Member for Lyveden) Louise Mensch, (who was the MP for Corby & East Northants), Peter Stephens (Chairman SBMWF) at Lyveden New Bield.

Disclaimer: Although we have checked all of the information on this web-site, as well as having permission from the various authors' to reproduce their material, we cannot be held responsible for any inadvertent mistakes. If anyone finds any material that they consider misleading, or inaccurate, will they please notify us by email via the contact link

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06.12.12 Joint statement from ENC, the NT & EH, re aborted Judicial Review "We are disappointed the judgement has not been given, the case will have to be reheard and we hope this is soon. The Judge withdrew because of a perceived conflict of interested arising from his membership of the National Trust, and the National Trust being a party to this case"

05.12.12 The Appeal to the High Court ended abruptly, shortly before the decision
was to be announced, when the judge stated that he was a member of both the National Trust, and English Heritage. The defendant, Barnwell Manor Wind Energy, objected, and demanded another hearing headed by a different Judge. The Government had decided not to defend planning inspector, Paul Griffiths' decision. However, Barnwell Manor Wind Energy Ltd (a subsidiary of West Coast Energy) chose to continue alone.

24.04.12 LEGAL CHALLENGE launched against landmark wind farm decision. In an unprecedented move, The National Trust, English Heritage and East Northamptonshire Council have joined together to protect Lyveden New Bield.more

14.03.12 PRESS RELEASE: National Trust fears for heritage sites after Barnwell Manor Wind Farm decision.more

13.03.12 English Heritage is extremely disappointed by Planning Inspector's decision to allow the construction of four wind turbines that will irrevocably damage the setting of Lyveden New Bield for at least a generation.more

12.03.12 Inquiry decision, released - appeal is allowed.more

03.10.11 Many people. including hundreds of walkers, cyclists, horse riders, visitors to Fermyn Woods Country Park and Lyveden New Bield, had the opportunity to spot the blimp over the weekend. As expected the blimp confirmed that the wind turbines would dominate Brigstock, FWCP and the setting of Lyveden New Bield. The beautiful Nene Valley vista across Wadenhoe and Aldwincle viewed from Achurch and Titchmarsh will also be ruined. The blimp was clearly seen and photographed from many other sensitive locations. The weather was almost perfect, however, on Sunday afternoon, the gusting wind caused the blimp to fly up to 20m lower than intended, severely understating the potential impact of the turbines. The blimp flight made the wind farm threat feel particularly real, especially to the people of Brigstock. See a selection of images of the blimp here

26.08.11 Journalist Mark Seddon, Vice-president of the BB Society joins the action group.more

28.07.11 The Mail Online publishes an article highlighting the apparently divergent interests of the Duke of Gloucester (Barnwell Estates) and his cousin the Prince of Wales (President of the National Trust) regarding this the article here

14.07.11 West Coast Energy lodges appeal against decision of ENC development control committee. More details here

19.01.11 ENC development control committee voted unanimously to reject the application.

12.11.10 Louise Bagshawe MP submits objection to ENC Planning Services. read the letter read the letter here

09.11.10 Sudborough Parish Council reconsidered the wind farm application at an extraordinary meeting held on 9 November 2010 which was attended by thirteen residents and its response is as follows: It was decided unanimously to allow our previous objection to stand as none of the previous reasons for objection had been answered by the updated Environmental Statement. It was also decided to object even more strongly due to the recent news of the Elizabethan Garden at Lyveden New Bield being upgraded to Grade 1, therefore making it a site of International Importance, and increasing the threat of the site, and surrounding landscape being spoilt by the proposed wind turbines is of even greater concern. Further to this, we have become aware, since our original objection was made, that turbine 5 could have been added after noise, and wildlife monitoring, was done for the original Environmental Statement. If this is the case we object on the basis that this would render the results in the ES as possibly being inaccurate.

06.11.10 Luftwaffe spy photographs reveal lost Tudor garden at Lyveden, the site has been awarded Grade I status by English Heritage, it is now one of the most important gardens in Europe. This makes Lyveden a Site of International Importance. Read more here and here

04.08.10 Country Life Magazine publishes an article referring to the Purple Emperor buttlerfly, the Red Kite, Lyveden New Bield and the threat posed by the wind farm. The article is reproduced in full here by kind permission of Country Life

26.07.10 Wind Turbines (Minimum Distances from Residential Premises) Bill has first reading in House of Lords read more

14.07.10 CPRE, 'Windfarms - Time To Change Direction?' report released. read the report here

25.06.10 Rare Red Kite found dead at wind farm near Dingwall. read more.. Bizarrely, the RSPB has not objected to Barnwell Manor Wind Farm..

12.05.10 Planning decision postponed. The Environmental Statement contains insufficient information to enable an assessment to be made of the significant environmental effects. Further information has been requested.

30.03.10 Comprehensive objection submitted by The National Trust. See consultee section here

30.03.10 ENDC Conservation officer objects, the site 'contains a number of important designated historic assets'. Lyveden New Bield 'is a site of exceptional national importance'. See consultee section here

28.03.10 Survey carried out by Friends of Fermyn Woods Country Park, suggests that 73% of current visitors will stay away if wind farm is built. See application - representation section here

24.03.10 English Heritage objects because of 'unacceptable harm to the multi-designated site at Lyveden New Bield and St Andrews Church at Brigstock'. See consultee section here

21.03.10 Feeble wind farms fail to hit full power read more

18.03.10 ENDC launches new tourism strategy. East Northamptonshire is the 'undiscovered Cotswolds' already generating more than £74 million pa to the local economy and 1,238 (Full Time Equivalent) local jobs. read more

18.03.10 The Nene Valley Association objects. ESSENTIAL READING

13.03.10 Noisy wind farms face crackdown read more

12.03.10 Stanion Parish Council has 'no objections or comments'. Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe, Benefield, Twywell, Islip, Brigstock and Sudborough Parish Councils all object. See consultee section here

12.03.10 Natural England objects. See consultee section here

08.03.10 Environment Agency objects because of 'the absence of an acceptable Flood Risk Assessment'.

06.03.10 Noise complaints about one in six wind farms read more

05.03.10 Website live, a work in progress

04.03.10 ENDC planning flooded with 190 'letters of support' harvested by professional green activists. read more

03.03.10 CPRE sets out comprehensive objections including inadequacies of misleading photomontages read more

26.02.10 Ministry of Defence objects because of the risk of interference with the air traffic control radar at RAF Cottesmore. See consultee section here

23.01.10 Balloon flown near turbine site to show impact on landscape click here to see the photographs